How to Rent a Business Address

rent business address

Whether you’re a small business owner, or you’re simply looking to rent a business address, it’s important to be aware of the different options available. You might be surprised to learn that there are several different services available for your needs, and each of them has their pros and cons.


iPostal1 rents business address services that allow your business to establish an instant presence in virtually any part of the country. They offer over 2,500 business addresses to choose from. You can also set up multiple addresses. This helps your business expand its market reach and gives you the ability to manage mail and packages from multiple locations. You can receive mail and packages from any carrier, and you can even receive fax and voice mail messages.

iPostal1 rents business address features include flexible mail forwarding, secure package receiving, check depositing, voice mail messaging, and more. You can add an optional phone number and call forwarding as well.

Hoxton Mix

Whether you’re looking to rent a virtual office or physical office space, The Hoxton Mix has got you covered. They offer a mix of private offices, coworking spaces and other swishy office solutions. Located on Paul Street, the location ain’t bad, especially for a small startup or business looking to expand into the big city.

The Hoxton Mix is a community for startups, freelancers and creative types. It boasts two floors of shared open plan workspace dedicated to coworking. You can also enjoy ultra speed fibre internet, a glass encased meeting room, secure indoor bike storage and ergonomic furniture.

Chamber of Commerce

Choosing to rent a business address in the local chamber of commerce is a great way to make connections and build relationships with the people in your community. Many chambers provide a variety of benefits to their members, including referral programs, advertising in their member newsletter, and access to a website listing. You can also gain the privilege of using the chamber’s logo on your own website.

Chambers can also help you get in touch with companies that attract business travelers. Some chambers also offer vacation rental discounts to their members. This can help you attract guests who are looking to vacation in your city.