Cheap Virtual Office Address

cheap virtual office address

You can get a cheap virtual office address for your company without breaking the bank. Unlike traditional office spaces, these do not require any monthly fixed fees or lengthy contracts. It also saves your time, which you would otherwise spend looking for a suitable office space. Instead, you can devote your precious time to developing your business.

New York Mail

A virtual office address in New York can be a valuable tool for your business. A virtual office address in the heart of Manhattan can provide a professional and prestigious address. You can use your address to receive a wide variety of mail and receive the mail of your clients from around the world. You can also get a phone number that is unique to the New York metro area, and have your own voicemail box.

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full business center, you can also get a cheap virtual office address in New York from iPostal1. This New York business address comes with a digital mailbox, which you can access on the web or via a free application. There are a number of plans available, depending on how much mail you want to receive each month. The price varies, but each plan automatically renews when it is due. You can also use your virtual address as a business card, and even receive checks through the mail.


If you’re a startup or a small business looking for a cheap virtual office address, consider a service such as Director-address-service. This service provides a professional, reliable and affordable service for a small price. Unlike a PO box, which can be shared by a few people, a director-address-service will only share an address with the director. Moreover, this service comes with add-on services.

A cheap virtual office address is a legal option for a registered business. Most new companies will register their details with the Companies House, and this information is publicly available. However, it is important to note that some landlords will not allow companies to register at their address. In other cases, a tenancy agreement may specifically state that the address can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Anytime Mailbox

With an Anytime Mailbox cheap virtual office address, you can get a real street address in more than 1,300 locations across the globe. The service includes regular features such as mail scanning and forwarding, and some locations also offer check deposit services. You can even get a virtual office address in another country and have international mail sent to you from anywhere in the world.

The cost of any Anytime Mailbox cheap virtual office address depends on how much mail you send and receive. There are different tiers, starting with Green, which allows for thirty items per month, and going all the way up to Gold, which allows you to receive 240 items a month. All options are risk-free for thirty days, so you can try them out risk-free.


For a minimal cost, iPostal1 offers a virtual office address for your business. This service will provide your company with a real street address, local or toll-free phone number, and a digital mailbox for your postal mail. The virtual office address will also include a local fax number and phone line. With iPostal1 you can register your business with a virtual address in many major U.S. cities, while maintaining your privacy.

In addition to offering cheap virtual office addresses, iPostal1 also offers a variety of other business services, including digital mailbox and fax services. Some packages also offer meeting rooms and phone service for an additional fee. It is important to consider the price of these features before making a decision on which virtual office address service to use. Some virtual office service providers will be cheaper than others, and you may find that you don’t need all of the additional features. In these cases, it’s better to choose a service with a basic address and extra services on an as-needed basis.